Grow your cannabis dispensary with Cannabox POS

Sell cannabis smarter—Cannabox POS offers comprehensive solutions for cannabis dispensaries in Thailand, focusing on productivity, payments, inventory, analytics, and compliance management.

Compliance Made Easy to Navigate

Navigate simple TH PHOR 28 regulations effortlessly with built-in compliance feature.

Sell More Cannabis With Less Work

Save labor costs by automated inventory, smart deals that your customers will love.

Innovative Customer Experience

Deliver a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.  Ensure that your customers leave satisfied.

Cannabis dispensary point-of-sales software for successful brands

Take control of your cannabis dispensary today.

Understanding your business is essential to achieving growth and profitability in the cannabis industry. Cannabox POS® provides data, insights, and tools to help you optimize your operation while boosting profitability.

Unique Benefits

Cannabox POS software is for any size of retail operations. Whether small, medium, or enterprise—we got you covered.

Training Support

Training Support

Increase Your Sales!

Increase Your Sales!

Save Labor Cost

Save Labor Cost

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees



Easy Migration!

Easy Migration!

Transacting is good, growing is better.

Selling cannabis at the most affordable prices isn’t enough to outgrow your competition. Cannabox POS® has all the automation that cannabis dispensaries in Thailand need to improve their staff’s efficiency, enabling them to concentrate on more critical tasks that can help generate more revenue ฿.

Cannabox POS FAQs

What is Cannabox POS?

Cannabox POS is a new-generation retail point-of-sale platform specifically developed for cannabis SMEs and large companies in Thailand. With Cannabox POS, you can effortlessly run your dispensary operations.

What is the purpose of Cannabox POS?

Cannabox POS enables you to easily create cannabis inventory in a few steps, boosting your
sales through a wide array of marketing segmentation and discount features. You can efficiently manage all your menu displays and WooCommerce menu through a single dashboard and sell your products faster.

Is the Cannabox POS platform secure?

Cannabox POS provides top-tier security throughout the point-of-sale process. It uses AWS servers located in Southeast Asia and employs high-security measures such as uninterruptible video control and biometric admission control to protect your data.

Your data is securely stored with a free 256-bit-SSL certificate and SHA-256 encryption protocol.

In addition, PCI payment solutions offer high security during payments.

Cannabox POS ensures steady security through constant system maintenance and automatic backups, performed at specific times.

In the event of emergencies, service activation is continuously monitored, and solutions are promptly provided.

How can I create an inventory on Cannabox POS?

Cannabox POS makes it easy for you to set up your omnichannel inventory. Firstly, you create an outlet. Secondly, you upload your products. Finally, you can integrate payment solutions into the platform. Our dedicated support team is available throughout the entire process to assist you.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us at

Can I try Cannabox POS for free?

Yes, you can try Cannabox POS free for 15 days.

Why should I prefer the Cannabox point-of-sales?

Sell and display your products without friction for your budtenders and inventory managers. Their life should be easier so they can focus on what matters. Our specific features are built to save them time.

Thanks to its integration compatibility, you can save time for labor costs, boosting your engagement with your segmented audience and sales through the experience rate feature of Cannabox POS.

How does Cannabox POS differ from other point-of-sales providers?

Cannabox POS provides a wide range of complimentary features, including ph thor 28 compliance report automation, automated stock management, scale integration, customer experience rating, multi-channel inventory synchronization, advanced discount management, and email marketing. With the flexibility of 10 language options and location-based delivery options, you have the capability to sell you everywhere.

How long does switching from my old POS to Cannabox POS take?

The switch usually takes 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the number of your products and payment methods. Our customer success and engineer team will help you switch effortlessly.

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